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Sights of Magdeburg

  • Cathedral "St. Mauritius & St. Katharina"
    The first German gothic cathedral, built after the destruction of its romanesque predecessor during 1209 - 1520.
  • Monastery "Our Dear Ladies"
    Magdeburg's oldest building -- art exhibitions and concerts take place here regularly.
  • Old Market with city hall and the statue "Rider of Magdeburg"
  • Kulturhistorical Museum
    with a persistent exhibition on the history of Magdeburg and changing art exhibitions.
  • Recreation Park "Rotehorn"
    spreading on the island of the river Elbe.
  • "Gruson" Greenhouses and "Kloster-Berge" Garden
    the latter being Lennés first public garden, laid out in 1824. The greenhouses accommodate Europe's largest collection of cactuses.
  • Magdeburg Zoo
    situated in the city's oldest park, providing a home for more than 1,000 animals.
  • Millenium Tower and "lake stage" theater in the "Elbauen-Park",
    the youngest park of Magdeburg, opened 1999 for the Federal Garden Show "BUGA".

Some historical facts

  • 805 first authenticated mention
  • from 962 imperial palace of the Ottonians
  • 1188 Magdeburg becomes a town
  • 1275 Magdeburg enters the Hanse federation
  • 1524 Martin Luther preaches in St. Johns Church
  • 1631 Siege and complete destruction of the city
  • 19th century Prussian fortress and industrial development
  • 1945 destruction of the city on 16 January
  • 1990 Magdeburg becomes capital of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt
  • 1993 The newly built Hotel Scivias opens on 2 May
  • 2000 The "Kulturhistorisches Museum" presents an exhibition on Emperor Otto I.
  • 2002 Magdeburg honours Otto von Guericke, who was mayor and scientist in the 17. century, with numerous events.
  • 2005 Magdeburg 12hundert: celebrating the 1,200th anniversary from May to October.

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